Wedding venue

Bánffy Castle, Bonțida is a unique location for the perfect wedding. We invite you to say that wonderful „Yes” on the three-hectare estate that is known as the Versailles of Transylvania, to celebrate amongst the centuries-old walls and to welcome the dawn on a candlelit dance floor, or to admire the stars. In addition to the castle courtyard, we can offer you the chapel (accommodating 100 people), the most spectacular stable building of Transylvanian baroque architecture (seating 180 people) and our kitchen, should it be necessary to store food. The castle’s wedding suite is offered by us as a gift.

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the basic offer includes accommodation for the newly-weds in the wedding suite furnished with antique furniture, with private bathroom

we can offer accommodation for up to 30 people, depending on availability, in rooms with 4 or 8 beds, with shared bathroom. Accommodation is paid separately

the basic offer includes the use of the chapel

optional rental, 160 square meters, the rental price is not included in the basic offer

312 square meters, the basic offer includes the use of the space in the building of the former stables

Any further services related to the wedding (arrangement, decoration, meal, music, sound, power generator, lighting, renting of another/additional tent) are not included in this offer. The purchase and costs of these services are the responsibility of the applicant.
This document is a request for offer, for information purposes only. Completing, sending or getting a confirmation email does not imply the commitment of the parts. The confirmation email does not confirm the reservation itself. Transylvania Trust will contact you using the indicated contact details for contracting / to discuss more details. The reservation is considered final after the signing of a contract and making the payment of all the related sums. The terms and conditions will be stipulated in the contract, this request will not be part of the contract.
All the funds received by the Transylvania Trust will be used for the restoration of Bánffy Castle.